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Movie Theater Booking Application

Languages/Frameworks: JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS, React, Node.js, MySQL, BootStrap, Postman, Git, Visual Studio Code

Position: Team captain/Front-end Developer

Description: Led a 5-member team in the reconstruction of a fully functional movie theater booking web application. Spearheaded weekly SCRUM meetings to streamline project progress, assigned tasks based on team members' strengths, and maintained an organized workflow, ensuring adherence to project specifications. Directed the implementation of the front-end components, meticulously crafting cohesive color schemes, adhering to strict deadlines, and creating a user-friendly interface with components, buttons, search bars, and other essential elements. Implemented version control using Git, ensuring collaborative and organized codebase management throughout the development lifecycle. Collaborated with the team to integrate back-end functionalities seamlessly, fostering a responsive and efficient application.

Dog Search Application

Languages/Frameworks: Java, JavaFX

Position: Creator

Description: Engineered a sophisticated Graphical User Interface (GUI) using JavaFX, leveraging RESTful APIs such as "thedogapi" and "dictionaryapi". Implemented seamless user interactions, enabling features such as search bars, radio buttons, image boxes, VBoxes, and other JavaFX features. Utilized JSON formatting techniques to extract and manipulate data received from API responses, enhancing the application's ability to dynamically display intricate details of the selected dog breeds and definitions.

Roommate Shopping Mobile Application

Languages/Frameworks: Java, Android Studio, Firebase Realtime Database

Position: Creator

Description: Created a fully functional mobile application that allowed roommates to coordinate shopping lists. Users could create an account and connect with their roommates on the app. Registered users could add items and prices to the grocery list, remove items, add bought items to the cart, and share the price breakdown.

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Pet Wish List Application

Languages/Frameworks: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, Node.js, React, MongoDB, Git, Visual Studio Code

Position: Team Member

Description: Worked in a team of three to create a fully functional web application to create wish lists for pet items. Dawg Days allowed users to create an account, make wishlists for shopping items, and save lists to their account. Users could add additional items and delete items from their list.

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Country Quiz Mobile Application

Languages/Frameworks: Java, Android Studio

Position: Creator

Description: Created a fully functional quiz game within Android Studio. Users were given a quiz consisting of 6 questions. A random country would be given to the user, gathered from pasrsing a list of countries given as a .txt file, in the form of a multiple choice question. The user would then have to select a continent, and if the correct continent was chosen, the user would score a point. After playing the game, the user would be told correct out of 6.