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About Me

Hey there, my name is Ava Sloan! I proudly earned my Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science from the University of Georgia in December 2023, where I immersed myself in the exciting realms of computer programming. I have a strong passion for front-end development, web development, and mobile application development!

Some of my strongest technical skills and frameworks include Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and react! Please feel free to checkout more of my skills on my resume!

My journey took an exhilarating turn when I joined UPS as an Information Security intern in June 2023. Embracing the challenge, I continued my exploration during my final semester at UGA as a part-time Co-Op at UPS, gaining hands-on experience in real-world scenarios.

Now, on the lookout for the next thrilling chapter, I am actively seeking a development role. My goal? To contribute my existing technical prowess while nurturing my professional growth in an environment that's both challenging and rewarding. Let's create something awesome together!

My Personal Life

I am a lifelong resident of Athens, Georgia, and I approach life with a commitment to excellence! While I am highly dedicated to my academic pursuits, I also strive to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle! Some of my favorite hobbies include swimming, running, and horseback riding! I grew up doing sports, so staying active is priority for me.

I also have a profound passion for animals, spending the majority of my time with my two dogs, Luna and Daisy! Growing up I had almost any pet you could name, including a guinea pig, rabbits, chickens, and a snake. I spent a year completing a work study at a veterinary hospital, then later found my passion for computer science my sophomore year of college.

Please feel free to read about more of my experiences on my blog! For my blog, I strive to post about my real experiences in an honest and open way. I've found that many of my greatest lessons have been learned during times of struggle and hope to encourage other new graduates by sharing my experiences.

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